Tuesday, 9 March 2010

Eye Candy of the Week – Vidik Buffet





Vidik Buffet by Monarch Furnishings



Monarch Original



Teak buffet with glass



61” x 20” x 27.5”



Today I had a nice visit with Tony Martin from Monarch Furnishings.  He stopped by to the studio to show me the latest collections they are bringing to Victoria, BC.  It is really exciting to see somebody with good eye bringing original designs to the interior design market in Victoria B.C.


This particular buffet caught my eye.  I love the mid century vibe, the clean lines and the sense of rhythm that is being created with the round cuts of glass. 



Buffe-licious !!!



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custardbydesign said...

i do admire the buffet...and indeed your yummy factor...

v funny...

qerat said...

A beautiful piece
Will have to visit their website

Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

A little too retro for my own tastes, but definately looks well made, and buffets are definately under utilized. They're so versitile. :)

Echito said...

Monarch has lots of great stuff, I am excited that they will be bringing even more products to the island - we can always use more of a selection here!