Sunday, 24 October 2010

Eye Candy of the Week – Pippa Collection by Hermès


imagePippa by Hermès – Folding Console


imagePippa by Hermès– Folding Arm Chair


image Pippa Collection by Hermès / Details – Dovetail Joint


image Pippa Collection by Hermès / Detail – Brass


image Pippa Collection by Hermès / Detail– Arm



Pippa Collection






Rena Dumas



Pear wood with satin-finish varnish, natural cowhide. Metal pieces in brass.




17.2 lbs.

Folding Arm Chair

18.3 lbs.




Base measures 47.24" x 11.81" x 27.56".

Tabletop measures 48.43" x 13.19" x 0.98"

Folding Arm Chair

32.48" x 31.5" x 15.75".



God is definitely in the details.  In this case the messenger of the gods or should I say the goods is Hermès. The Pippa collection was designed in 1987 by Architect Rena Dumas wife of Hermès President Jean-Louis Dumas-Hermès.  In my humble opinion this folding arm chair is the perfect directors chair – simple yet extremely elegant. 


A new edition of the chair has been created using crocodile leather, sterling silver, and ebony wood.  I like the look of the new design, but I am not too cool with the fact that Hermès is using real crocodile leather when you can use materials that look exactly the same and there is no animal harm.  The thought of purposely breeding and killing crocodiles for the leather makes me a bit sick.  I think Hermès doesn’t need to use exotic leather to make beautiful products.  They could definitely be leaders in the industry showcasing this fact.  Hermès here is my advice - Never is too late for a change of mind. 


With this entry I am celebrating the original design not the materials. 



Cest Magnifique!!!

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Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

Wow, really nice. Classic details. Looks very expensive. Any idea how much they are? (I'm still trying to save up for a belt!)

Brillante Interiors said...

I agree with you Ivan on the material used. I hope this candy of the week is not a wish list for your birthday !!!
Ciao bello!

Echo said...

Stunning! And of course, I love the name and think it would suit Pippita's style very well!

I agree with you about the real crocodile leather too - that's quite sad - but I bet it does look exquisite, I would love to see it done in Mock-croc too!!!

I particularly enjoy the console table - YUM!!!!! I love the bottom of the chair but something about the top seems off... like it could tip over. But I can definitely appreciate it and understanf why they have carried the lines that way, and I do still think it's nice.

Interior Design company said...

thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

Stunning - I just saw this featured in Hermes new catalogue and at first glance thought the console was a bench. You are right on rethinking the use of 'exotic leathers'. We are living in changing times and have so many more options. We need to think and live more responsibly.

Filipa said...

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