Thursday, 13 January 2011

A gift from Jordan – Qerat Pillows

Earlier this week we received a parcel from Jordan – To our surprise the package had a couple of pillows from Qerat’s new collection. I feel really spoiled from my friend Tareq Abu Ghazaleh as these pillows will look amazing in my home.

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Unfortunately I know it is hard for you to appreciate the textures and the quality of the fabrics from a picture, but these pillows are lush, sophisticated and masculine.

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Tareq Abu Ghazaleh the head behind Qerat is not only a talented furniture designer, his designs are recognized internationally with showrooms in London and Jordan. We have become close friends through blogging, it is so funny how small the world feels when you are able to make friends across the globe.

I invite you to visit Qerat’s blog and learn more about his collections.


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Liz Wolfe said...

These pillows are so beautiful! What a nice gift. :) -Chabelita

Unknown said...

How very thoughtful of Tareq. The pillows are amazing and I love the label. He is very talented!

qerat said...

I wish I could ship the Basket Table too :) Well maybe next Christmas.

Ivan, this is just a small thank you, thank you for mentioning this on your blog. You have assisted in making the world smaller and in bringing designers from all over the world together through your selfless efforts on your beautiful blog. May 2011 be a great year with continued success in inspiring all of us.

Karena said...


I am a bit envious! Teraq is wonderful!Those pillows are divine, the fabric equisite!

Everyone shoud visit his site as The furniture lines are the most unique you will find.

Art by Karena

Brillante Interiors said...

I am a great admirer of Tareq's talent and his extraordinary pieces. Those pillows are so elegant and I am sure they will help you to relax...