Monday 28 March 2011

Art in Bloom 2011 – “Design Fit for a King”

This year Meade Design Group have been very fortunate to be invited by the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria to reinterpret an art piece of their permanent collection in a botanical extravaganza as part of their annual exhibition Art in Bloom.


This is The Word, And I Am King ... by Theresa Victoria Wylde


Leading creative professionals in the field of design were selected to celebrate spring creating unique floral interpretations.  We were assigned a stunning  oil painting in canvas by Theresa Victoria Wylde (circa 1909) entitled “This Is The World, And I Am King…”  (127” height X 137.5 width). Our interpreted  title for the exhibit is  “Design Fit For A King”.



The central figure is a young girl with long wavy black hair who wears a purple gingham dress with a purple over-dress; she is sitting in a forest by a stream, holding an apple(orb) in one hand & a foxglove(septre)in the other; she has a 'crown' of evergreen boughs with cones in her hair; a squirrel sits nearby, watching her.

- Art Gallery of Greater Victoria


We were inspired by the description of the painting and we also wanted to display all our strengths as a multidisciplinary design studio.  We designed 3 pieces for the installation.  The first idea that came to my mind when I saw the piece was “ethereal” – I wanted to create an installation that was light and complemented the painting.


The first piece we designed was a massive Plexiglas cube to encase the antique chest that was below the painting.  As an interior designer I felt that the scale of the chest was not big enough to hold the visual weight of the painting, so we corrected the proportions and the scale of the chest with a new Plexiglas structure making the chest look like an archived piece.  We also incorporated a modern interpretation of some of the elements of the painting with contemporary graphics. Our design complemented the William Morris wall paper  showcasing our strengths in Graphic Design.  Natashita brought to life our ideas choosing an opalescent metallic vinyl that complemented the colour scheme of its surroundings.


Varias 2011 240


The second piece we designed was a Plexiglas plinth that mimic the proportions of the chest. We cover the face of the plinth with the same vinyl we used in the cube below to continue the flow.  As for the 3rd piece we designed the flower vase which references the foxglove flower in the painting. 


Art in Bloom 2011 Victoria BC


Artist Statement

We were inspired by the strong vertical line created by the foxgloves held by the girl in this painting. We wanted an organic, linear form to overlap the painting asymmetrically to create a strong, contemporary vignette that still works with this traditional piece.

We used a combination of anemones, tube roses, double tulips, mosses and greens accented by drumstick alliums and fuchsia trachelium. We wanted to build up a woodland feeling with berries, mosses and greens, but still have interesting forms and textures with more exotic accents. This is reinforced by the golden graphic that has been applied to the acrylic base which encases the trunk.



Art in Bloom - Tulips, Amarntus

Mini Flower Bouquets


Art in Bloom 2011 - Meade Design Group

Art in Bloom Victoria BC - Setup

Here is Echito our flower arranger extraordinaire.


Art in Bloom Victoria BC - Setup

Adjusting last minute details.


Art in Bloom Victoria BC 2011 - Meade Design Group

And here it is the complete installation.

“Design Fit For A King”


We want to extend our gratitude to Plexiklass, Rook and Rose, Brenda Marks – Kravet, and Garside Signs and Displays for all their help, patience and guidance to make this project come together.


If you are in Victoria don’t miss the hottest ticket in town!


Art in Bloom 2011 - a week long celebration of fine art and all things botanical. The bi-annual fundraiser heralds the beginning of spring to Vancouver Island, and supports exhibitions and programming at the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria. Art in Bloom highlights the talents of local and international artists, writers, floral designers and garden experts.


Art in Bloom 2011 Logo

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Echo said...

It looks great! and photographed really well too.

Good job, team!!!!

Carole Duff said...

"Bravo", Team Meade Design! It looks great - I'm so glad to see the photographs, bet it looks even more amazing in real life!! Hmmm, maybe a trip to Victoria is needed!

Running with Scissors Studio - The Blog said...

What a great showcase for you! Well done - look forward to seeing it in person :)

Brillante Interiors said...

Great minds for a great project. I love the idea of flowers mirroring the shape of foxgloves and the cube encasing the trunk. Stunning, and I bet it is the best in show!

GED online said...

Outstanding teamwork.
love it.

Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

Wow, that's absolutely gorgeous! What a fun project.

Tim said...

Cool stuff.