Saturday, 22 October 2011

Eye Candy of the Week – Lui5 & Lui6 Arm Chair




Lui5 by Phillipe Bestenheider



Lui5 & Lui6 Arm Chair



Fratelli Boffi



Philippe Bestenheider



wooden frame with hand-woven caning


103/72/123 cm


I just discovered this beauty!  As you well know by now:  old world + new world = my favourite combo ever in anything.  The use of the pentagon shape makes this chair simple yet, elegant in its complexity. The mix of materials has enough tension to bring the piece to a new place.  The Lui5 by Philippe Bestenheider is definitely a statement chair, and I can see that it may not be too comfortable, but I just  love so much the lines, the presence and the memorability that has keeping me thinking about the fact that I wish I could design something like this.  


To even bring this piece further you have to see the Lui6 – I just want a pair for my country home and a pair for my sleek city pad. But first I need to get my country home and then to make sleek my city pad.


image Lui6 by Phillipe Bestenheider


Which one is your favourite and why?


The Lui5 armchair looks back to the early 20th century in Europe. The classic wooden chair with cane seat serves as point of reference. The curved soft forms of the original model, however, are abandoned in favour of simplified lines and crystallised forms that multiply in space. The name is a clear reference to the pentagonal form which becomes the unit of measure of the structure. It is repeated from the cross-section of the legs to the construction of the panels forming the seat, back and armrests. Lui5 is also available in an upholstered version. – Philippe Bestenheider.




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Brillante Interiors said...

I love the Lui6, graphic and edgy, perfect in a large hallway as a focal point.

Art Furniture said...

Very nice and innovative design. But what about comfort?

Karena said...

Unique an very interesting, are they comfortable?


Art By Karena

Claudia Juestel said...

Hot indeed, and proof that caning can make its way into the 21st century.




I don't know if it is confortable. Usually cane gives a bit, but I have not test drive the chair yet.

Designer Home Furnishings said...

Stunning chairs, with a gorgeous design. As others have mentioned, would like to hear on how comfortable the chairs were?

Echo said...

I love these, I remember when we first saw the photo it was the caned option and I said 'I almost want to see it with an upholstered seat as an option'... and voila! you have found it!

I am a big fan of cane (I have two chairs at home with cane that I adore) but I think you've hit the nail on the head when you said one for your country home and one for your city home - they both have a place! So I'm torn on my favourite.

Can I call it a tie? Haha

I would still love to see the caned back and the upholstered seat together, jsut out of curiosity...

Amy said...

Wow - this is an impact chair! The scale and angle/recline remind me of Wegner's Pappa Bear Chair - only a contemporary-geometric take. I agree ith Echo - I think the cane back with an upholstered velvet seat would be divine.

Inoui Design Collective said...

LOVE it!

Surya Outdoor Rugs said...

It is very difficult to find a favorite one. Especially when they are arranged together.