Wednesday, 26 March 2008

moooi and the city

Yesterday was the local introduction of the renowned international brand moooi in Victoria, BC. Only Human (Chris and Christina Rothery) have brought something completely new to the Victoria market. It is so refreshing to see these extraordinary pieces in Victoria, pieces that you usually only see in magazines or on the web. Chris & Christina chose the Martin Bachelor Gallery (712 Comorant Street) to elegantly display some selected pieces of the new moooi collection.

You may wonder - what is moooi? Well, moooi means pretty in Dutch and is a company originally from Holland that was created 6 years ago by Marcel Wanders & Caspar Vissers. moooi is in all aspects innovative; their products; their materials; their corporate identity and their business approach. moooi is a creative laboratory where alchemy is their main ingredient.

Two tops secretary by Marcel Wanders

Their pieces are as unique as the designers behind the creative process. The designers at moooi look for a memorable moment and the pieces are what makes that moment; sometimes a sense of humor, other times a sense of sophistication, or just a simple sense of surprise.

Light shade by Jurgen Bey

moooi brings the past to the present, and the present to the future intending to create a connection with the moment you are living in. Chris and Christina Rothery from Only Human are the links between these unique pieces and the new moments they will create in your own space.

Are you ready for moooi? Well I am - I already have my eyes on the horse lamp. I know it will suit my studio just perfectly.

"Who wouldn't want a horse to lighten up your home and a pig to serve your guests? Furniture to fall in love with a first sight or hate it forever" moooi

For more information on moooi pieces please contact:

Only Human
Chris & Christina Rothery

# 8 Dragon Alley
532 1/2 Fisgard St.
Victoria, BC


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Anonymous said...

That pig table looks fabulous!

vintagetrunkshow said...

I love MOOOI too!! So cool, I just found these MOOOI Smoke Chairs on eBay that were used for a Christopher Bailey (of Berberry) personal appearance on eBay!