Sunday, 19 October 2008

Eye Candy of the Week

Product: Lumiere D'Asie Folding Screen
Designer: Kenzo Takada
Material: Black Laquer and Crystal

Yummy Factor:
C'est exquis !

Kenzo Takada is a Japanese fashion designer. He is also the founder of Kenzo, a world-wide brand of perfumes, skincare products and clothes. Kenzo Takada announced his retirement in 1999, leaving his assistants in charge of his fashion house. In 2005, he reappeared as a decoration designer presenting "Gokan Kobo" ("workshop of the five senses"), a brand of tableware, home objects and furniture.

Kenzo Takada

In launching his new business, Takada chose to create partnerships with established manufacturers that could handle the production of the Gokan Kobo line: Baccarat for crystal, (you can see in this entry his folding screen for example), or Niderwiller and Manufacture Nationale de Sevres for porcelain.

With a very distinctive East-meets-West vibe, Takada's own house is a marvel of calm, yet stunning, interiors. In describing what he wanted for his home, Takada said, "I didn't want anything too overwhelming or ostentatious. I wanted an oasis for both my creative time and leisure time."

Interior Design: Kenzo Takada
Photo: Joel Laiter

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qerat said...

Love this screen
Love his work.
I have seen pictures of his house before and was surprised that is was so neutral. You know how we think Kenzo = color & pattern. But I guess we all need that calm area.

Anonymous said...

Very cool, it's interesting to see such an unusual application for the crystal, it looks like it would be very versatile in terms of what style of homes it could be used in!