Friday, 31 October 2008

A Meade Design Group Modern Fable - Happy Halloween ! (and also Happy B-day to me!)

Once upon a time ... at Meade Design Group in Victoria BC...

The beautiful Little Red Riding Hood was searching for a stunning new fabric for her little sofa, and of course it has to be red. She found a lovely swatch from a Barbara Barry Collection (Dreamplush - Lacquer) that she wanted to take to her designer extraordinaire Grandma to confirm that her selection was appropriate.

Knock knock - " Grandmaaaaaaaaaaaa.... designer extraordinaire "
" Are you there ? "
" Ok then I will just come in " Little Red Riding Hood called out to her grandma as she entered the design studio.

" What happened here " ...
"and who would knock over such a beautiful Philipe Starck Ghost Chair? "
" What a mess " Little Red Riding Hood said.

" Oh, it looks like grandma was working on a colour scheme, but why on earth is she using green instead of red ?

As Little Red Riding Hood was making sense of her Grandma' s selection she heard some foot steps behind her...

" Grandma you look so voluptuous... and hairy! "
" But your night gown matches the studio perfectly, you are such a design diva "

Little Red Riding Hood had no idea that grandma had actually been eaten by a Big Bad Wolf that wanted to take over Grandma' s design studio.

"Grandma your ears look so big " said the puzzled Little Red Riding Hood.
" The better to hear my clients design needs my dear " answered the Wolf in the Grandma's clothing.

" But why is your nose so big Grandma ? " asked the unconvinced Little Red Riding Hood
" The better to sniff out great design finds my dear " answered the Wolf
" You are not making a lot of sense Grandma " proclaimed Red

" Ok Grandma, then why are your teeth so big and pointy ? "
" I have had enough of this... " yelled the Wolf
" THE BETTER TO EAT YOU WITH !!! " He said as he devoured the Little Red Riding Hood.

Satisfied with his meal the wolf cleaned himself up with Red's hood and dozed off in the beautiful ghost chair.

Meanwhile, Red's uncle - The Hunter, heard the noises coming from the Grandma's studio and snuck in to make sure everything was alright.

When the hunter found the Wolf having nappies inside he realized what had happened and snuck up to seek revenge for his dead family members.

The Hunter successfully defeated the big bad Wolf and continued to run the Grandma's design studio happily ever after. ( Although Grandma's studio's aesthetic appeal became much more rugged from that day forward - he stuffed the Wolf's head and hung it next to the Framed Fornasetti to remind him of that sad day).

The End.


Little Red Riding Hood - Echo Eaton
Big Bad Wolf - Ivan Meade
Hunter - Jeff Michaud

Set Design:

Meade Design Group

Products available through Meade Design Group:

Dreamplush in Lacquer - Mohair Fabric by Barbara Barry (Kravet)
Ghost Chair - Philipe Stark
Colour Selections in Grandma's scheme
Jute AF-80 Affinity Colours by Benjamin Moore
Wasabi AF - 430 Affinity Colours by Benjamin Moore
Fabrics in Grandma's scheme
David Hicks GWF-2723 York Castle
David Hicks GWF-2738 Brockholes
3 Form - Varia Seaweed
Wallpaper - Stacy Garcia luxury wallpapers - page 3

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Anonymous said...


What a fun halloween post!

Feliz Cumpleanos Ivancito!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Such a delightful little fairy tale and very well acted!
Little Red Riding Hood was obviously the star of the show but only slightly more so than the fabulous studio, decor, design selections and handsome wolf and hunter.
Happy Boo-day!

lonlynuman said...

AHAHAAA! You guys are hilarious!! I loved this so much! We love the Meade Design Group!!! And happy birthday Ivan! xoxo

Anonymous said...

Brilliant! Happy birthday Ivan

qerat said...

Happy Halloween
Happy Birthday
Great post
Fun workplace :)

Koo and Poppet said...

oh my oh my, I am laughing out loud!!!
fantastic acting, excellent costumes, beautiful set design!
too funny :)
echito i love your socks and Ivan your granny get-up is priceless!

p.s. chubby baby is still cooking.....

Anonymous said...

I love the fact that Ivan is showing his other fun side.

Happy B-day ! Ivan

Maryam in Marrakesh said...

You guys are too funny....And it is very clear what the big bad wolf was looking at when peering at the fetching little red riding hood!

Michelle said...


can I come to work there?

Anonymous said...

you are just to cute for words MDG!

Alkemie said...

WOW! What a creative post. I Love the costumes!

Karen Olivia

Pigtown*Design said...