Saturday, 9 May 2009

The 10 Best Contemporary Salt & Pepper Shakers

I have this personal theory that the Salt & Pepper Shakers you have in your home reveals your personal style. Every time I am invited to a house for dinner I look at the Salt & Pepper Shakers and they often match the host's personality better than any other object in their homes.

Today, Salt and Pepper Shakers can be found in nearly every conceivable shape and size. They are made in a variety of materials including wood, metal, ceramics, glass, and plastics and the best designers have left their imprint in some of them.

Here are my 10 favourite Salt and Pepper Shakers – Which one is your favourite?


Twist Salt & Pepper Mills by Philip Bro Ludvigsen

Georg Jensen


Otto Family Pepper Mills by Karim Rashid

Gia & Gino

imageTumblers by Henriette Melchiorsen

Questo Design


Cilinda Salt & Pepper by Arne Jacobsen

image Ravine Salt & Pepper by Lou Henry


image Relief Salt and Pepper by Karim Rashid



Pebbles Salt & Pepper


imageSoap Bubble Salt & Pepper by Daan Brouwer

image Menu Salt & Pepper Shakers

Home & Couture

imageCube Salt & Pepper by Ercuis


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Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

Wow they're all so cool, I think I'm torn between the pebbles and the soapy bubbles!

qerat said...

I am posessive
I want them all :)

Unknown said...

Cube Salt & Pepper by Ercuis are my preffered. Fun stuff!

Brillante Interiors said...

Oooh! Mr. Meade... if I had to change my cut crystal and sterling silver ones for a modern style I would choose Tumblers, providing they do not spill salt on the table. Rome created the Via Salaria (sale is salt in Italian) to the Dead Sea (and a micro fraction of it still exist with that name). Salt made the fortune of cities like Venice or Ravenna and having been a currency for centuries and used to pay people's work (salario or salary)spilling salt is considered bad luck (and bad manners). Well, there you have it, all this from a simple salt and pepper shaker question (now, why salt and pepper need to be shaken?)

Maria Killam said...

I like the whimsical ones, gia and gino. I like your theory, I'll have to keep that in mind next time I'm at someone else's house.

Echito said...

They are all cool but I am going to have to go with a toss-up between the tumblers and the cubes, very nice!

katiedid said...

Brillante Home Decor found my post about the latest shakers from Jonathan Adler, which in turn led me to you! And I am glad she did. I have an affection for Nambe since it comes from New Mexico where I used to visit my Mother who lived in Santa Fe for a very long time before moving back to California. Great choices all!