Thursday, 28 May 2009

A small note to say…




Dear Blogger Friends, Colleagues, Clients and Friends,


On behalf of all of us at Meade Design Group, I wanted to take a minute to thank everyone who in the past few days have supported us with your phone calls, emails, facebook messages, twitter messages and comments in our blog.


We are very pleased how well our first TV appearance on HGTV went.  We were number 6 on the HGTV TOP 10  for the games rooms series “Everyone’s a Winner”.  Being in the show  is definitely making us feel like a real winners! 


Marla Brown & David Rockwell the critics of the space were phenomenal. I also have to say that the space looked amazing thanks to the camera work of Austin and Jim - the editing of our segment  was brilliant.  Special thanks to Janice for coordinate the shoot and for the opportunity to be part of the show.  No words can describe the fact that you included our past friend Greg Young in the Thanks section!


Once again thank you very much to all of you for taking the time to watch the show - Your support means the world to all of us.




Yours truly, 

Iván Meade-Treviño



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Brillante Interiors said...

De was a pleasure watching it.

Unknown said...

It was spectacular! Congrats! It is a true benchmark to your career and company!

Unknown said...

Great teams need encouragement and support so they can work together on bigger projects, using the same recipe. Success!


DesignTies said...

You ARE real winners, Ivan and company!! Congrats again!!
Victoria @ DesignTies

Maria Killam said...

You rock! Loved it and you totally deserved it!

Michelle said...

Great job Meade Design Group!! It really looked great!

I hope to see you much more on's just starting right now, as I'm writing this!!! LOL

qerat said...

Congratulations Ivan.
Any chance of seeing it on You Tube?


Thank you very much Albarosa, Bette, Maria,Victoria, AB Interiors, Michelle. Tareq I am working in getting the show online - I will let you know as soon as we can figure out something.

Unknown said...

Hi Ivan
It was so exciting to watch your fabulous design on TV. You did an amazing job and it photographed very well. What a great milestone in you career. I am looking forward to many more great achievements from you.

Echito said...

Hooray!!! It did look awesome, it was so exciting to see a Meade Design Group project on the silver screen!!!!!

Bonnie said...

You were on TV!?!?! WOW! I cant believe I missed it but will have to find it somehow and see! Congratulations!