Thursday, 13 August 2009

Across The Border – From Kravet Canada


Kravet 001 inspired.kravet


Today we received the first issue of inspired.kravet news from our lovely rep Brenda Marks – It is a very innovative printed newspaper by International fabric company, Kravet.  To our surprise an article inside focusing on Kravet Canada mentioned lil’ ol’ me [Iván Meade] as a designer and business example working on Vancouver Island in a column by Brian Donovan, President of Kravet Canada (page 8).


This magazine will be delivered to all the design community with Kravet accounts in North America.  It is kind of cool to be in an article two pages away from a profile on Barbara Barry and all the exciting new products coming from Kravet.


If you would like to read the article about your favourite Mexican designer then check out the virtual paper form of this magazine by clicking on the link below: 


inspired.kravet news



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Brillante Interiors said...

What can I say that I did not say already? You and your group are GREAT and any confirmation of this fact does not surprise me (but makes me happy for sure).
Bravo, bravo, bravissimo...!

echito said...

Hip hip hooray - more blog publicity means one more step towards becoming the "Perez Hilton of Interior Design" lol!

Mateo L said...

Congratulations! Ivan - Another great achievement for you and your company.

Keep the good work!

Unknown said...


Now that's news worth celebrating! Have a great weekend and congrats to members of Meade Design Group.


Kaspersky said...

like your blog !!!