Friday, 21 August 2009

Koo and Poppet Invades The Studio

On Wednesday we had a very pleasant visit from our Sarita and the Little Sadie the youngest member of Meade Design Group. Sarita surprised us with a bag full of treats.

koo and poppet 001 Sarita, Little Sadie and Echito

The packages were moving by themselves so we were wondering what they could be…

koo and poppet 002Koo and Poppet Packages

Echito could not wait to open her package she was tugging the ribbon right away…

koo and poppet 005 Echito opening her package

Surprise! Designer Poppet “Echito Pepito” was inside!

koo and poppet 007 Echito with Echito Pepito

Iván, as always, was the patient one (lol) posing for a picture with his package…

koo and poppet 010 Iván holding one of the packages

And here are all the fierce creatures sitting in a row in their new digs. Sarita used the studio fabrics to give life to her creations for the studio. (So they will coordinate –lol)

koo and poppet 012Mies, Nilly, Willy, Echito Pepito

They even have little personalities…

MIES likes CMYK and dislikes Times New Roman Font

WILLY likes piña coladas and dislikes paper jams

NILLY likes little cakes and dislikes diets

ECHITO PEPITO likes puuuuuuumpkins and dislikes 70’s shake carpet

Willy and Mies where having so much fun creating mischeif at the studio that they decided to stay. Echito Pepito wanted to go shopping so she went with Echito to Lululemon. Meanwhile, Nilly was craving some little cakes and went home with Ivan and ate a nice marzipan cake for dinner. (After all, they both dislike diets and love love naps!)

photoAwwwwwwwwwwww! Ivancito having nappies with Nilly

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Unknown said...

How fun! Most creatives celebrate life in all different ways which include being childlike. Naps are a favorite for me too (aka solo brain storming)! Ivan, is this a Meade secret to success? Looks like Nilly and Ivan are a great fit (How precious...send that snapshot to your Mom). What a tender post great stuff.
Love the new layout on your blogspot it feels more energetic and looks great!


Cony said...

The picture of Ivan is adorable lol

Michelle said...

aawww. I knew you were a teddy bear kinda-guy!!! I like Echito's as cute.


DesignTies said...

How fun, Ivan!
And good luck to Sarita (Sarah?) with Koo & Poppet!
Victoria @ DesignTies

Unknown said...

so cute! Gorgeous photos! ...and blog ;)

Samy said...

These are so cute. Great post!

Linda@ Lime in the Coconut said...

Those little guys have a heck of a personality! Look like they make great nap friends too!

Design Esquire said...

What a fun post! Those are just adorable. I really like your blog too. I'll be back to peruse it some more.

Echito said...

We love our gifties from Sarita!!! So cute and you can tell that they were made with love :) <3

Martha Elena Meade said...

"ivaaaaaaaaaaaaan yo quiero un puppeeeeeeeeetttt estan de poca"

Unknown said...

Ohhhh! Those are so cute. This got me thinking. I know I should be focusing on the cute, and fluffy cuddlies by koo and poppet. But I was getting side tracked by your gorgeous office. I think we should have a post with more photos of your office. In fact I would like to see photos of your office and other professionals in the trade. Im always curious how others work. What do you say Ivan? Hook us up! I promise we won't bother you while you nap...

Koo and Poppet said...

These little creaturitas were an absolute pleasure to make! They might just be the best dressed Koo & Poppets ever :P
thanks Ivan! xo

Miz Bobbie said...

Ivan, you and Nilly look so cozy together -- you sure know how to entertain your readers!!!!