Sunday, 25 October 2009

Eye Candy of the Week – Atlas Dining Table


image Altas Dining Table by Ashley Hicks


imageDetail - Altas Dining Table by Ashley Hicks



Atlas Dining Table



Ashley Hicks



29.5” H X 40” D X 82” L



Oak & Cast Metal Legs



The Atlas dining table has a top of smooth stained oak, on cast metal legs whose pierced, attenuated form was inspired by Oceanic sculpture - but also makes the idea table base, gracefully avoiding diners’ legs.

Custom finishes and sizes are available. Shown here in black stained oak. – Ashley Hicks Website.


This piece by Ashley Hicks has a “Je ne sais quoi” quality to it.  The table has very interesting visual weight as a complete piece and definitely exudes a very sleek contemporary vibe. 


The fact that the main material is solid oak makes it warm, real.   The legs, I have to say, are my favourite part, they are organic and futuristic.  The blend of all these elements makes this piece memorable and unique.



Delicious !!!



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mary said...

Gorgeous table; yes, the legs are beautifully organic and modern, but their roots definitely lie in baroque Spanish and Italian tables. Thanks so much for featuring this beauty.

Michelle said...

I think this would make such an amazing desk! I love the legs as well...makes the piece! Eye candy indeed! Thanks Ivan!


Echito said...

Very cool and unique - but what else would we expect from someone of Hick's decent!? Excellent find :)

Unknown said...

Beautiful, light and airy this is beautiful it needs a room of it's own with a view. It's modern feel with a classic touch mean it works in many spaces. Great table for sure.


qerat said...

Absolutely Love it
and yes as Michelle said great desk too

DesignTies said...

The legs are really unique. They look like two people holding up the table top -- just like Atlas holding up the earth :-)


Karena said...

I love this design. Yes I would use this as a desk, very unique!