Tuesday, 13 October 2009

Eye Candy of the Week – Listone Giordano Medoc




Medoc Flooring



Listone Giordano “natural genius” | Medoc Flooring

“The distinctive feature of the “Medoc” is the “trunk” outline which takes up the trapezoidal shape of old floorboards, as planks were not straightened in order to avoid any waste. Uneven saw cutting accentuates fascinating lighting effects and unexpected ancestral sensations.



European Hardwood Flooring Centre Ltd.



Michele De Lucchi + Philippe Nigro



Width: 130 - 190 mm (trapezoid shape)

Length: 944 mm

Total Thickness: 18 mm

Hardwood top layer: 3.5 mm



French White Oak - from the Cîteaux forest, in Burgundy, planted around 1000 a.d. by the Trappist monks.



Counter-balanced Engineered



This floor has some great qualities;  first of all, It has a very architectural feel in its shape and form.  It will add both visual and tactile texture to any interior.


Second, this floor has a great patina and it is a great example of how you can bring natural patina to your space and still keep it sleek and contemporary.


Lastly, the Medoc Flooring is what Interior Design in Victoria needs! 



Molto Delicioso!!!




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Echito said...

LOVE this flooring, very unique but super versatile - Zech brought over some really great new products the other day!

Fargerike Dagny said...

That floor is simply AMAZING!

Unknown said...

What's old is new again. We seem to borrow fromthe old and reinvent for new uses. Love it...circle of recycled ideas.


Darrell Morrison said...

Oh I could see this used in lots of west coast style homes. You let me know when you use in on one of yours projects, I would to come see it in person

DecRenew Interiors said...

All I have to say is gorgeous darling, gorgeous!

qerat said...

Beautiful flors Ivan. I can see them in so many different interiors looking just as good.

Michelle said...

Oh, the modern in me loves this...honesty of materials...and the stain colour is amazing...smokey grey?