Saturday, 23 January 2010

Viceroy - Mayakoba

If you want to enjoy a breathtaking view like the one below, paired with beautiful architecture and stunning design.  The new Viceroy Mayakoba is doing  just that in the Mexican Caribbean. 




The sophisticated and contemporary interior design of Viceroy Riviera Maya will be created by Kelly Wearstler, while featuring contemporary Mexican architecture  envisioned by Legorreta + Legorreta, OHL investors group and  the ultra famous The Kor Group  are proud to unveil Viceroy Mayakoba, Riviera Maya.


image Architecture by Legorreta + Legorreta


The Residences at Viceroy Mayakoba are beyond stunning.  The Architecture showcases incredible high ceilings  with coves that reflect light in unexpected ways, the large windows create an open feel playing with the ocean on one side and the jungle on the other.




The patio is one of my favourite moments  – the architecture becomes the frame of its surroundings and the table part of the architecture.  The rustic bench has a modern feel bringing a textural quality while the sphere seats bring a sculptural sense to the space while serving like furniture.



image Interior Design by Kelly Wearstler


Step into a distinctly elegant vision that interprets classic Mexican moods in a modern context. Custom furnishings, exotic finishes and a very natural colour scheme inspired in the Mayan culture.





This place is also a historic opportunity to discover the wonders of my homeland.  Many of the most notable Mayan sites are an easy day trip from Viceroy Mayakoba. Among them are Coba, one of the largest Mayan cities, Chichen Itzá, famous for the 91-step Kukulcan pyramid, and Tulúm, a walled Mayan port city perched above scenic beaches.


“The true beauty in nature, as in human beings, cannot be discovered at once.  The same is true for buildings.  We enjoy the challenge of discovering them little by little, each time in a slightly different way. To us architecture without touch of mystery is not genuine”

Legorreta + Legorreta






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Jeffito said...

Looks like a fantastic place to relax, explore, and discover. A vacation destination should be more than just a beach like Mayakoba.

Kudos to the successful collaboration of the architects and designers.

Concha Faz said...


Michelle said...

What a great place...I want to go and design a small cabin right now...she is a design maven isn't she?

Dale at Hospitality Design Inspirations said...

Almost anything Kelly Wearstler designs is pure genius.

Echito said...

What an amazingly luxurious place to stay. It's so peaceful and beautiful, and somewhat subdued for Mrs. Wearstler (which is the side to her designs that I find the most striking!)

Velvet and Linen said...

How incredibly beautiful.
The Viceroy here in Santa Monica is classic "Kelly Wearstler". Bold colors and patterns.
It's fun to see Kelly Wearstler create a more neutral design. Looks like a wonderful place to relax!