Thursday, 29 April 2010

My iphone has a New Ensemble by Miniot


Yesterday I received the new sexy cover for my iphone, the iwood by MINIOT and I have to say what a beauty.  It is beyond what I was expecting to receive. 


Made in Holland by MINIOT with great precision and care, this iwood cover made in walnut wood is exactly what I was looking for.  I love technology, but I also love craftsmanship and this piece says it all.  The attention to detail is immaculate and it is everywhere – even the buttons are made of wood.    All crafted in a single piece so the wood grain is continuous.


iphone 003

iphone 004 

But here is one of my favourite parts – You can customize it with your own monogram, logo, or personal message engraved, you can even choose your favourite wood species.  Of course I had the Meade Design Group logo engraved to match my business cards – Gosh! It is hard to be this good (lol).


iphone 005



Thanks to technology it doesn’t matter if you live on an island (like I do), you can still go online and order an iwood.  MINIOT customer service is amazing and the online form to order is the easiest to use.  Let’s bring craftsmanship and technology together.  We have too much plastic around us. 


Who doesn’t love the warmth of wood and a well crafted piece, not to mention, who doesn’t love the iphone right now?





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The-Countrypolitan said...

That is really beautiful... and I love that you can personalize it!

Karena said...

Wow Ivan that is so cool, quite a piece of craftsmanship!

Art by Karena

Brillante Interiors said...

Boooohhh, I don't have an iphone (yet)but I love the cover, is it heavy or very light?


Albarosa, the cover is very light - and very thin - it is hard to believe is made of wood.

Echito said...

It is the most stunning iphone cover I have seen, I love the customization factor; and it's true, the customer service seemed to be very excellent!

Designwali said...

okay i'm a BB girl, but that is the best looking phone I've ever seen.


stunning & gorgeous - class act design!

:D Lynda

qerat said...

Very SEXY indeed :)

Anonymous said...

i'm currently thinking about purchasing this case myself, could you please tell me how the pieces of wood fit together? is it by magnet or something else?


Hi! Richard,

The iwood is made in 2 pieces. The biggest piece has a fastening system that clicks into the lower piece keeping it in place.

I hope this helps!

PS Don't forget to leave the piece at least one day to acclimatize before using. The iwood is a wood product. This is something to take in consideration.

Cheers! I

Jeffito said...

So cool, I wish I had one!! ;)

Unknown said...

Now that is the coolest iPhone cover I have ever seen. It is so YOU...Ivan!

Unknown said...

Very Cool!!

Koo and Poppet said...

WHOA. I think I have to have one.
(with Koo & poppet on the back, of course!)