Tuesday, 13 April 2010

Talent Runs in the Family - Photographs by Paulo Meade


Yesterday I received several amazing photographs that  Paulo, my brother took in his camping expedition last weekend to the infamous “Mount Pepsi”  in my hometown of San Luis Potosi.  As a side note, while I was living there I never realized how silly the name was, but in hindsight it is kind of ridiculous. 


I believe inspiration is everywhere, and of course talent runs in the family.  This is the stunning flora from my hometown in México.  I love the vibrancy of the colour and the delicacy of the petals. 


I am very impressed with the photography skills of my brother as this is a side of him I didn’t know about him. 


Paulo is a very talented Gynaecologist/Oncologist living in México with his wife and three kids.



DSCF0207Photograph by Dr.Paulo Meade


DSCF0243 Photograph by Dr.Paulo Meade


DSCF0248 Photograph by Dr.Paulo Meade


DSCF0251 Photograph by Dr.Paulo Meade


DSCF0268 Photograph by Dr.Paulo Meade



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Echito said...

Very cool, I love the textures in the cacti

qerat said...

It does run in the family.
Love close ups of flowers and these are great.

Karena said...

Ivan, These are wonderful images! A very talented family indeed. I enjoyed hearing more of your background.

Art by Karena

Unknown said...


Life is full of surprises. Some of the greatest people we'll ever know are those we've grown up with. We discover this when we open our eyes and see through another's lens.

Wonderful post and sharing moment!


Nancy@marcusdesign said...

Very beautiful photos! I found your blog through DesignTies, it is always nice to come across other blogs from BC. Your blog is quite stunning.

Ashleigh Weatherill said...

I was born and raised in Arizona and have been traveling to Mexico since I was a child (love it so much I got married there!)...these photos bring good memories for me, so, thank you!

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i really like the textures.. and the images are fabulous ... thanks for sharing this wonderfull blog .