Saturday, 26 February 2011

Eye Candy of the Week – Aquariva by Gucci










Aquariva by GUCCI



Officina Italiana Design & Gucci’s Frida Giannini








2 * YANMAR 6 LY3/UTP - 380
POWER 380 mhp / 279 kW at 3300 rpm


- SPEED in knots:

+ Maximum speed: 41 knots

+ Cruising speed: 36 knots



I have always loved boats and yachts. I am always mesmerised by their lines, their attention to detail, and the sense of adventure that they convey, which really resonates with me. For me a well design boat is sexier than any car.   I think it is the crossover of the commodities of a house and the luxury elements of a car, all mix together that really attracts my designer eye and the fact that I love the sea more for than any highway.


I have previously posted some of my favourite eye candies like the Wally Hermès Yatch or the Tofinou 12 by Philippe Stark.  Today its time for GUCCI’s Aquariva, designed by Gucci’s Creative Director Frida Giannini & Officina Italiana Design under Riva’s – Ferreti Brand which are proud to unveil this exclusive made to order re-born new made in Italy icon. This initiative is one of the activities marking Gucci’s 90th anniversary this year.


The Aquariva by GUCCI includes tinted green hue crystal windshield, customised coverings with the classic Guccissima pattern, a particular shade of white that comes with a pilmsoll line in the fashion house’s signature red and green and its own accessory line like the silk scarf, the picnic trunk, towels, luggage, key chain, watch and deck shoes. – Of course It’s GUCCI!


Frida Giannini, Gucci Creative Director, said, "Over the decades the iconic Riva boat has become without doubt one of the most evocative images of Italian style, sophistication and elegance.It is a symbol of a glamorous lifestyle that sparks fond memories of La Dolce Vita - a golden age when both Gucci and Riva attracted an enthusiastic following among the international jet set.It is therefore especially meaningful in Gucci's 90th anniversary year to be able to recognise and celebrate the great traditions and values of both Gucci and Riva through the Aquariva by Gucci." – Riva Website


Mauro Micheli, Chief Designer of Officina Italiana Design, added, “We had to absorb Riva history to create Aquariva, but also forget it in a certain sense, in order to propose a contemporary product which would go beyond the legendary Aquarama, the best-known nautical icon in the world. In Aquariva, cutting-edge technologies have respected and maintained the charm, softness and clean lines of the shapes which are typical to Riva. If Aquarama has always been an icon, Aquariva is perhaps, becoming one, and Frida Giannini’s enthusiasm for this model confirms this.” – Riva Website



Aquariva by GUCCI



Complimenti al cuoco!!!

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Darrell Morrison said...

That is one sexy boat!! ah to be @ sea in a beautifully designed vessel, great post


Brillante Interiors said...

Gucci? Riva? the best of the best. I have been on a Riva many times, but never owned one...but I always had a Gucci scarf on my head while cruising the Grand Canal...

Echo said...

Beautiful! Another luxurious mode of sea transportation to add to the list of 'one day's

If you beat me to it, you will have to take me for a ride, OK?

Karena said...

My Gucci bags are packed!

I suppose I should not divulge that I did have a 33 ft Catalina. Alas you may no longer be my friend!

Art by Karena

Unknown said...

I didn’t know Gucci was diversifying into the boats and yachts business, but it is not surprising. High-end fashion companies are always searching for a distinctive twist. Gianinni’s role as Creative Director at Gucci hasn’t been an easy task, especially after her predecessor –Alessandra Facchinetti, didn’t fulfill the brand’s expectations. Filling Tom Ford’s shoes at Gucci would be hard for any designer appointed to this endeavor, he brought this Italian brand into a very high level in the fashion industry. So no wonder why Gianinni is seeking to associate Gucci to a very prestigious boat manufacturer like Riva.