Friday, 27 June 2008

Icons of Design - Maurice Renoma

Maurice Renoma is a decorator, fashion designer,
photographer, stylist and owner of several successful and unique boutique businesses in Paris.

Renoma was considered the main force in the yé-yé movement in Paris and he has always distinguished himself from other designers with lines of resolutely avant-garde clothes . Today his new furniture pieces are becoming the new classics in France. Unusual, outstanding, or "out of phrase" items confined to a space where antique and contemporary are to be found side by side where tradition and innovation come together.

His start in the sixties and seventies left a staple in the world of fashion, in the nineties his surrealistic photography brought something fresh and unique. In the two thousands Maurice Renoma translated his philosophy and his photography to his furniture and accessory line and when he opened his latest venture in Paris, The Renoma Gallery Café, he was already a household name.

Below are some of his products that caught my eye.

Renoma Café Gallery 32 Avenue George V, Paris 8e
(I highly recommend Renoma's Café Gallery website to see his pieces in context)

Maurice Renoma Furniture pieces are available at

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Anonymous said...

So much fun! Touches of quirky items like this give a space personality so I love them!