Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Icons of Design - Yves Saint Laurent

We were saddened recently to learn of the passing of Yves Saint Laurent. The Algerian born designer influenced style the world over and changed the way people dressed. He became an assistant to Christian Dior in 1954 and took over the design duties three years later. He created his own couture house in 1961. The creator of such fashion icons as the tuxedo, pantsuit, safari jacket and trench coat will be missed by many. The YSL brand conjures up images of dramatic elegance and jet-setting travel.

Yves Saint Laurent brought the transparency and the avant-garde to fashion. You can find the influence of transparency in the chandelier we found…


The iconic platform sandal represents a solid yet sexy forum for the emancipated woman to express her taste for self-assertiveness.

Water hyacinth pillows

Yves Saint Laurent took fashion to the streets with his Mondrian inspired dress.


The trench coat has spanned the globe for decades and remained a fashion staple. Yves Saint Laurent transformed the Military uniform into a garment of style and seduction.

The YSL brand has alwys signified luxury and style.

What could be more luxurious and decadent than leather embossed tiles?


Jet-setting travel has never been the same with Yves Saint Laurent’s safari jacket. The chic jungle look is always in style.


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Anonymous said...

Fun! That would be a well-travelled and ecclectic home!

jane said...

I love the comparisons between YSL fashion pieces and home accessories. The chandelier is gorgeous.