Tuesday, 17 June 2008

Fresh Talent

Last Sunday, I decided to go for a walk to the Government Street Market in search of something new and luckily I found The Rope Doctor - Donald P.Allen.

Donald's doormats in manila rope, cotton turk's bracelets, and the hand tied glass fishing floats are just stunning. I am considering the idea to use one of his custom designs on my deck. The quality of his work is definately present in each knot.

People often complain that Victoria doesn't have cool and unique items.
Donald's incredible handcrafted pieces are as cool and unique as they come. He is bringing a lost art back to Victoria and I for one, am ready to embrace it.

For more information and other neat items please visit
The Rope Doctor

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Anonymous said...

Sweet, I remember seeing this type of fishing floats at my grandpa's house (he loves to go fishing) when I was a kid. Very nostalgic for me! It would be really cool to see a full rug done in this knot design!

Heather Draper said...

you just saved me!!! I saw these last weekend and thought they would be perfect for a client but lost the contact info....don't you think they would be great for my shop?



Yes, they are super cool and he does custom sizes. I almost got one for my deck :)