Saturday, 17 January 2009

Eye Candy of the Week

Piece: Colette Table
Designer: Magni Design Inc
Material: Cast Bronze
Dimensions: 25.375"diameter x 21.5"h
Website: Magni Design Inc
Yummy Factor: C'est exquis !

The Colette Table is hand-crafted in Southern California of solid hand-cast bronze with a natural finish. The glass top is 1/2" Diamante glass with a flat polished edge. Frame available oil-rubbed or with silver patina. Glass top available with a 3/4" bull nose top (pictured).

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Maria Killam said...

So beautiful. I've never seen anything like it! Thank you.

qerat said...

What a beautiful piece
It does look like a sculpture, something out of a Dali painting.
Their interior design work is also outstanding.

Anonymous said...

Very beautiful!

Ryan said...

I may have more than a little crush on that table.