Tuesday, 27 January 2009

The Library : Dwellings [ Living with Great Style ]

I would like to introduce a new feature to the blog: The Library.

This is a two part addition, the first is a new widget that has been added to the right hand side of the page where you can purchase some of my favourite design books through amazon.com; the second part of this new addition will be a new type of blog entry which will highlight one of these featured books.

The first book I would like to feature is Dwellings : Living with Great Style by Stephen Sills and James Huniford.

Dwellings : Living with Great Style takes you through New York based interior designers Stephen Sills’ and James Huniford’s principles of design. Each page contains a new design lesson in a clear and easy-to-read manner. The authors touch base on everything from integrating home electronics to designing on a budget, to sophisticated styling, all the steps necessary to create an attractive and timeless home.

Stephen Sills & James Huniford

This book is truly beautiful, every detail has been taken care of. The covers have been wrapped in a subtle and elegant, neutral linen bound with a semi-gloss white which has been debossed to resemble an interior moulding. The pages are filled with well written and informative text which has been illustrated with stunning photographs of Sills Huniford Associates interiors laid out with a cohesive yet visually interesting approach to book design.

Fifth Avenue Apartment

Each of their interiors not only showcase striking aesthetics but also a sense of comfort (never too stuffy), personality and completeness. There is not one image where a surface has been overlooked and each room has a stunning focal point with perfectly styled vignettes.

The book has even inspired the designers to start their own collection of furnishings and selected vintage pieces that can be purchased through the Dwellings Home website, many of which can be found in Dwellings : Living with Great Style.

Bedford Home

I highly recommend this affordable hardcover to anyone looking to further their understanding of design principles or even just to refine their own design style.

Please visit http://www.sillshuniford.com/about.html to learn more about Stephen and James or http://www.dwellingshome.com/index.asp to learn more about this great book and corresponding furniture line. Since summer of 2008 they have gone their separate ways but you can check their individual website at Stephen Sills and James Huniford.

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qerat said...

I saw this book but now I will buy it. I love books and like to read about them and i really like the new widget you added :)

Unknown said...

This is one of my favourite books on my bookshelf and I highly recommend it!

Unknown said...

This looks so very great !!!!!


Gina from Germany

Maria Killam said...

Thanks for the review! I love design books, and these two have great style!

Anonymous said...

This really is a beautiful book, inside and out - I love the widget too!

Michelle said...

I have adored Sills Huniford since the eighties...they set a large round concete tub overlooking a city view...I thought I might die from delight.

I need to order a few books, and this one more.

Great Post!