Saturday, 24 January 2009

Eye Candy of the Week

226 Tulip Family


Autoban Built by De la Espada

Gold-plated steel


Metal rods form an hourglass shape, topped with a simple yet stylish lamp shade… Another example of Autoban’s ability to take classic materials and update them for today’s interiors. Available in three heights. - De la Espada

226C small d.15 3/4" x h.33 3/7"
226F pinch d.15 3/4" x h.57 1/8"
226M cone d.15 3/4" x h.61 3/7"

Hot & Spicy !

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Maria Killam said...

Great lamps, eye candy indeed!!

pve design said...

If I were a bird, I would make my little nest inside those stunning lamps. The gold looks fresh too.

Anonymous said...

I agree with pve design - the gold does look fresh and modern which is tricky to do!

Very stunning!... my eyes are drooling - mmmmm yummy!!!!!

qerat said...

Loved these since I saw them at their website. Instant boost to any room.

christian barnard land studio said...

I like it! It reminds me of the black and gold gun lamp by Phillipe Starck....minus the ak47 theme.

Anonymous said...

Good looking fixture, shade was more gold then thought in picture, but the lighting is soft and lovely. I wish there was a model in white linen shade. great metal topper keeps glare off ceiling, well done.

Unknown said...

These are so gorgeous!