Saturday, 24 November 2007

The 10 commandments of fabric

This morning I was thinking what I am going to write for my next entry. Minutes later I received an e-mail from one of my best friends. She has a great zest for life and is always looking for ways to improve her life and to live it to the fullest. She is currently in Milan, Italy and her new goal is to meet with the Dalai Lama in the search for her spirituality.
She sent me a list of her 10 new commandments. As I was reading her email I saw a pile of memo samples in front of me and I thought to myself that these commandments could each represent a style of fabric.

Here is the result of this exercise:

1.- Seek lessons of life hidden in every moment.

The Toile de Jouy motifs are a great example of this commandment. They depict scenes of everyday life and the characters always have great expressions on their faces.

The Seasons - Mustard on Ivory
G. P. & J. Baker

2.- Believe that you are always more.

I feel that stripes could represent this mantra because of their repetitive nature that you can imagine going on forever, vertically or horizontally.

Canoga - Caviar
Robert Allen
91% Viscose 9% Cotton

3.- View confusion as a prelude to clarity

Over scaled Florals appear a little busy from afar but their individual forms are very beautiful. I particularly like this example because it displays the tulips during many stages of blossoming or opening which could be taken in several ways: opening up to someone emotionally-giving them clarity as to your true character, or opening your eyes to see a new solution to a problem.

Lieff - Quince
Andrew Martin
100% Linen

4.- Pursue the dream in your heart

Damasks are an example of this commandment because of the fairytale feeling they create, a form that is still as popular today as it was long ago.

Modern Barroque - Cafe
Kravet Couture
84% Viscose, 16% Polyester

5.- Know what you believe in & why

For me, this fabric is a great example of what I believe in. I feel it exhibits the principles I find most beautiful in design. The subtle changes in colour and texture mix beautifully with the balanced geometric shapes.

Inlay - Sienna
Barbara Barry - Kravet Couture
36% Linen ,35% Cotton, 29% Silk

6.- Cherish the Earth, thankful for each breath you take.

Botanicals are a great example of this commandment. Portraying nature in all its beauty.

Fans - Botanical/Foliage
Allegra Hicks - Groundworks
60% Linen, 30% Cotton, 10% Nylon

7.- Nurture yourself as a friend in need

You can find interlocking and harmonizing geometrics in many patterns. They look beautiful because of the relationship they create by fitting together perfectly, never breaking the chain.

La Fiorentina – Ivory/Bark
Groundworks – David Hicks
100% Linen

8.- Create new ways to generate positive energy

Metalics are here to give us their energy - Gold, Silver, Platinum, Coin ...

Key Maze – Coin
Beacon Hill
100% Silk

9.- Find your place through choices you make

I feel this can be represented by black and white fabrics. Most choices we make in life are very black and white, each choice will have a consequence. What makes life interesting is finding the balance of these choices-the yin and the yang.

Angelica Trellis - Domino
Groundworks -David Hicks
100% Silk

10.- Know that your mind is the lifeblood of your future

Blood Orange is going to be a huge trend in the near “future” but it also represents a hunger for life and excitement.

Arboretum - Clay
100% Cotton

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Anonymous said...

Its surpising how these striking fabrics can symbolize such fundamental ideas. What will you come up with next?

Anonymous said...

I really enjoyed looking at those gorgeous fabrics. Now I just want to re-upholster something! Or at least have new pillows!

Hey I would love in the future to see some wallpapers too...


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