Monday, 12 November 2007

10 things that make me happy

When I decided to start a blog and what to write about, a rain of ideas came to mind – Why is Britney Spears shopping for a Chandelier? – Why you can see so much geometry around us – Why we follow trends – The best new materials – Who I think has the best logo or the best business card – What moves me?... and I start thinking What moves me? … What inspires me? Then I realized that the things that move me are the things that make me happy. I have always dreamt that a magazine would ask me for my list of ten favourite things. I believe these things reveal a lot about who you are. So, I must admit I am writing this post with a personal and narcissistic interest.

There are three reasons why I wrote this entry: the first reason being to fulfill my long kept dream, second is to share part of my personal life and third is because I believe this will be an answer to one of my favourite clients who keeps asking me what I like and why?

1.- Chubby Birds
I love the volume and strength of the word “chubby” amongst the fragility of a bird.

Chubby Bird
Bronze Bird by Fernando Botero (Medellín, Colombia)

2.- Fornasetti Plate – (# 82)
It is a great example of a mix of classic, surrealistic and cheeky.

I feel that his work has been described very well on his website: “Piero Fornassetti’s lesson deriving from his oeuvre is the rigour with a strong imagination and an elegant and mystical sense of humour. Fornassetti’s work spreads joy into our everyday life so full of minimalist and ‘expiatory purism’”.

3.- Virginia D. de Beovide (Tributo a la Reina de los Cielos - Book)
A book that my great great grandfather gave to my great great grandmother as a wedding gift on their honeymoon in Paris – March 23, 1878. This book is an absolute work of art as it includes LVII (57) original etchings by Lorenzo Elizaga, silk pages, and gold leaf embossing throughout. For me this book represents what romanticism is and is a constant reminder of my family.

Virginia D. de Beovide

4.- To design
I have a very sexy profession.

5.- Sphere
The first object d’art that I designed for my collection Accentus. Sphere is a piece that mixes two of my favourite materials: cantera stone and silver. What moves me is the story behind the piece and the pleasure of seeing it become a reality.

Sphere by Ivan Meade

6.- An old photograph of my mother that was taken a couple of days before her wedding
It’s a beautiful photograph – and a funny reminder that although she was always telling me to sit up straight she is not so perfect herself and is not sitting up straight in the picture.


7.- La Velata - 80 inches wide by 95 inches high
It is a sepia version of La Velata by Raphael that I have in my living room. I love the overscale proportions of the piece and how the juxtaposition of the piece works in my space. I found this piece in a second hand store and I was told that it belonged to a hotel that caught fire up island. In order to bring the piece to my condo I had to cut 24 inches from the bottom and reframe it. Ssssssssssh don’t tell anybody.

La Velata
8.- Vanilla ice cream (Häagen-Dazs preferred)
It helps me to keep my figure.

Vanilla Ice Cream

9.- Antidote by Viktor and Rolf
I wear it every day

Antidote by Viktor and Rolf

10.- Horses as subject matter in art.
Their presence, their elegance, their movement...

Horses Neptune with Four Sea-Horses by Leonardo da Vinci

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Anonymous said...

I love this post :)

Great job Ivancito, keep it up!

Anonymous said... is like drinking the desert...
thank you for sharing your beauty!
I will look forward to continued daily inspiration...
julie dahan

Anonymous said...

Fantastic idea, Ivan. I look forward to reading it regularly and telling my clients about it.

Cheers, Josh

Karena said...

Ivan I love your postings and this one is fabulous!! Ifeel like I know much more about you!

I have an interview with artist Robert Anders up on my site that is fascinating!

Art by Karena