Monday, 19 November 2007

The Design Gene

This blog is dedicated to Inés and Philippine

First of all, I would like to thank all of you who have been reading our blog. It is very encouraging and we appreciate all the positive feedback we have received. You have inspired us to update our blog two times per week .

In the last few years we have all been taken aback with how global our world is becoming and the “6 degrees of separation” between us. This entry is the result of an amazing coincidence and appreciation of design running in my family genes. Last summer I received my Architectural Digest magazine from Spain, and while I was flipping the pages a red piece jumped out at me – “That piece will fit perfectly in my new studio” was my initial thought. It’s contemporary but will still read well in my traditional space.

Iron and Laquer wood - Mueble Bar

I decided to read the article to find out who the creator behind this piece was. Two names stood out in the article: Inés Benavides and Philippine González-Camino. Well, that was a bit of a shock – the last names are not that common and they rang a bell. Then I saw their picture in the article. I must say, Inés and Philippine are just stunningly beautiful and I began to suspect they were members of the family.

Architectural Digest Spain (Article)
Summer 2007

I was really excited with the find and decided to go on-line and check out their website. Following my instincs I wrote them a spontaneous email: "... maybe this is a coincidence but I think there is a history of elegance in the family that has been carried through in the designs you are portraying. I believe your grandmother the very famous and elegant Tía Beba (Aunt Beba) was my grandfather’s sister. Anyhow I just want to congratulate you for your amazing work and wish you all the success in the future."

Iron, Wengué Wood and Leather - Otto chair

The next day an email was waiting in my account – It was Philippine – Yeah! She was my cousin and she was so excited. She knew who I was and was really surprised with the coincidence that we were working in design. Another email – It was Inés – what a coincidence. The connection was here to stay.

Iron and marble - Domino

I'd like to share some details of their peices and my thoughts on their designs. Their pieces are inspired by their lives – what they have seen in the years they lived outside of Spain and their personal experiences. “Every place, every space, every material and form has something to teach us and for this reason, it is important to travel, to study any branch of art, architecture or design”

Galvanize iron and Iroco wood - Omega

The difference in their personalities create unique results – Inés brings the rationality and practicality while Philippine leaves space for the improvisation, provoking a really strong juxtaposition. The lines of their pieces are simple, yet versatile, furniture pieces that work as a unique presence in any space.

Laquer wood - Ecco

All of their pieces are signed and are limited editions. Their philosophy is to create objects for small particles of creativity in the universe of creation. They have been named Mercury, Krypton, Nugget, amongst others. Function is always an integral part of their designs.

Iron and Oak wood - Puzzle

Iron and Glass - Jaula

As we speak, and as many of you know, Meade Design Group is working on our new studio. I would love to include this piece in my new studio design so that I can share a little bit of my heritage and family’s creativity with Victoria.

Iron and Laquer wood - Mueble Bar

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Inés Benavides said...

Dear Iván:
Now I really have to meet you! Not only you are my cousin, but you are also a great interior designer, a successful entrepreneur, and a man with a lot of ideas.
It is amazing how you live so far apart and yet you were able to find in our work the genes of our common family. Although I shouldn’t be so surprised since I am convinced this gene is real and strong: on our side of the family we have artists, architects, interior designers, jewellery designers, landscape architects, etc. And I am very proud to say that most of them are very successful and extremely good in what they do. I don’t know, I guess our grandparents must have had a special sensibility to elegance and beauty…
Thanks again for your kind words, and I really hope to see you soon either in Spain and Canada
PD: by the way, this blog is very promising. I am sure it will be very useful for all the professionals and people looking for elegant and new ideas in the interior design world.

Anonymous said...

I love these pieces.

I am so glad you have been able to reconnect with some members of your family. Lucky for you the creative and beauty genes are very strong in your family tree! (lol)

Anonymous said...

With the modernizing demogarphic in Victoria, there is definetly be a market for more pieces like this. Add some more global influence here on the island.
Even better that Meade Design group could be the one to introduce such innovative pieces.

Anonymous said...

Mi querido Ivan:

Me encanto tu blog, pero más me encanta que no me dejas de sorprender.

Te deseo mucha suerte y todo el exito.

Ramón Meade

Anonymous said...

One can tell that Europe is ahead of North-America in terms of design. These pieces are modern but seem as though they would suite homes that are not necessarily modern. Now, if there is only an inexpensive way of shipping from Spain to Canada ...